Affordable, easy-to-use steel containers for sale or hire

Ufudu offers a wide range of general purpose ISO dry-freight steel containers, as well as refrigerated steel containers for storage of perishable cargo, in several sizes and designs.

Ufudu has a reputation for its ability to supply and support a comprehensive range of affordable, mobile, easy-to-use and robust steel containers. These are used for standard and non-standard storage and shipping requirements, including refrigerated or freezer storage, as well as container conversions for a broad spectrum of mobile home, office and storage requirements. These steel containers are availablefor sale or hire, at attractive and competitive rates.

Features and conversion options of Ufudu's steel containers

All our low-maintenance, impact-resistant and weatherproof steel containers come with a range of standard features. These robust, safe and secure containers are mobile and easy to use. In addition, the containers offer an extensive range of conversion options, including (but not limited to):

  • sites offices
  • industrial kitchens
  • laundries and locker rooms
  • dormitories
  • ablution facilities
  • mobile workshops
  • switchgear containers
  • spaza shops.

Please refer to our specification page for more detail on our range of mobile container conversion options.